Debris comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is metal, wood, concrete, cardboard or garbage, Green Knight Property Preservation removes it all! We can clear the yard of old busted bird baths, that patio set that is rusting and torn or even the large pile of twigs, branches and storm debris. We can go through the interior after a tenant has vacated, and remove all of the trash they left behind and the old busted furniture that they failed to take with them.


If you are about to list your home on the market, many realtors want the home decluttered to make it more attractive to buyers. We can haul away all of the boxes of old junk from the garage and the boxes clogging up the basement and attic.

Liquid paint and tires need to be recycled separately as they are considered hazardous waste and as such, we have a surcharge to standard pricing on removal or paint and tires. We do not remove anything combustible, corrosiveflammable or toxic. Solid wasteconstruction and demolition materials are taken away at a volume-based price. We can handle jobs that would fill 4 dump trucks or a small job such as taking away that old tube TV. We give no obligation estimates and come ready to haul it away!