After a severe storm, debris, junk, and trash can be scattered all over your property. Green Knight Property Preservation can clean up your property so you don’t have to stress about the mess. Whatever junk you have littering your backyard, we’ll take it off your hands.


Storms with high winds have the tendency to bring down trees and damage weak outdoor structures. We can cut up and remove down trees in your backyard as long as they haven’t fallen on your home or garage. We can also take away any damaged products such as trampolines, grills, or patio sets. Small sheds, dog houses, and tree houses also have a hard time making it through strong storms, but we can take care of those too.

So if after a bad storm your backyard looks like more than you can handle, call Green Knight. We’ll clean up your property as quickly as possible so that you can get things back to normal. To schedule a Green Knight crew come by your home, give us a call at 470-222-5486.