If your business is overwhelmed with old stock, old signage/marketing materials or broken return merchandise/materials that need to be removed call the Green Knight property preservation to load it all into our trucks and turn that space into a profit generating space!  Space equals revenue for businesses not just appearance, so rid yourself of unwanted and unneeded baggage and goods that are holding back your sales! We offer contractor discounts for businesses. We understand that the reason you have a warehouse is because you need the space!


We take all Computers and their parts to be recycled and shredded by local recyclers not sold or reused. Even some printers have hard drives and must be properly handled. We recycle the plastic, metal and all components. Certain monitors are recyclable while others have to be separated out for proper disposal. Toners cartridges and all metal can be recycled!


The Green Knight recommends that  you use a secure document shredder for sensitive data. Office furniture and cubicles, as well as filing cabinets etc., can all be recycled! Call for no obligation estimate today! We are licensed and insured so that your business can be assured!

We offer contractor discounts for commercial property managers that regularly need help cleaning out after tenant changes.